Friday, April 8, 2016

The Sahara Desert

While we were at the market in Erfoud, a relatively remote town with a burro parking lot, unpaved roads, blacksmiths, and the sale of spices, produce, refrigerated meats, etc. we bought traditional Berber turbans and tunics. I'm glad we did, not only because we really looked the part - to the point they all called me Ali Baba, but when we were on the camels on the return trip the wind was whipping the sand up. The turbans were the perfect protection.

 The desert was beautiful, particularly at sunrise and sunset. It is worth getting up and being on the dunes by 6:30am.

Scarab Beetle Tracks




 I had another Berber also named Said point out the tracks in the sand of scarab beetles, mice and fox.

The sand was so fine that it filled my shoes to the point my toes were cramped. Note to self: bring sandals.